Christmas: 5 Social Media Marketing ideas you can implement today!

Nov 28, 2017 | Blog

In case you haven’t prepared your Christmas social media campaigns to capture the attention of your customers and trigger Christmas sales, it’s time to use these five tips that will make your social media accounts festive and merry for the Christmas season.



Use your social media channels to share real life content in the run up to Christmas. Share images and video clips of your staff prepping for the Christmas period whether its your team decorating the shop, cafe, office, restaurant or bar get sharing!

Your target audience love to see real life photos and videos from behind the scenes showing off the ‘human’ side of your business and not always selling / promoting.

We recommend to all our clients to run festive giveaways to help build more brand loyalty over the Christmas period and it always looks good to give something back to your customers.



Christmas is one of the most popular times of the year where your customers will check-in and tag your business in their Facebook posts, Instagram posts, Instagram stories, Twitter and other online platforms.

User generated content is very powerful as people love to see real life experiences of fun times, good food, music and everything else.

Showcasing authentic photos of your audience drives your intended message while promoting a deeper, emotional interest from new and loyal fans alike.

We do reccomend you ask for permission before using your customers images and videos as some people are more private then others.



Showcase your business by creating eye catching poster and content to advertise Christmas offers on social media. You can find high quality free stock images online from websites like or to help create those beautiful images for your social media channels.

We also reccomend you create the images and adverts to fit each social media platform as they all have different specific sizes, you can find the latest social media size guide here.



People love Christmas events and socialising with friends and family during Christmas so there is no better time to give them a good reason to visit your business.

Where to start?

We reccomend you put yourself in your customers shoes and think what exciting events would they enjoy.

From mini Christmas markets, customer appreciation nights, christmas tasting evening, santa sunday there are so many great ideas to give people something special during the Christmas season.

Once you have your festive events planned and organised be sure to share all the details across your social media channels and set up targeted social media ads to reach your local audience and customers.



Share the Christmas joy and wish all your loyal customers a Happy Christmas with some personal branded content.

This could be as simple as a picture of your amazing team decked out in Christmas jumpers and hats.

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