5 Easy Digital Marketing Trends for Food and Drink Brands 2022

October 29, 2021
Trends you can’t afford to miss in 2022

Looking for Easy Marketing Trends for your Food and Drink Brands in 2022? 

Looking to come back with a bang in 2022? It’s been a long two years and we know you’re ready to hit the ground running. We want to be sure you make the most out of your Digital Marketing next year so we’ve put together the 5 basic not to be missed, easy to implement Digital Marketing Trends for Food and Drinks Brands in 2022. 

Don’t have time to hang around? Take a look at our quick list below of our 5 Easy Digital Marketing Trends for Food and Drink Brands 2022. 

TLDR Our 5 Easy digital marketing trends to help your food and drink brands make the most out of 2022.

  • Make sure your food and drinks are front and centre with Ad Optimisation
  • Get social with your food and drinks brand 
  • Your food and drinks look better in video 
  • Get familiar with Influencer Marketing 
  • Personalise your Email Marketing 


Marketing your Food and Drink Brands with Ad Optimisation

Ad optimisation will be the key to success for marketing your food and drinks brand in 2022! Almost two-thirds of online ad spend goes on Facebook and Google ads according to smart insights. Which means optimisation has never been more important.

Ad optimisation helps us understand the customer journey across devices and the impact of different placements on the reach and impression of our Ads. There are now more options for ad placements than ever before. This is a benefit to advertisers, providing greater reach and and opportunities for exposure to new audiences.

However, this also means your ad is appearing in many different placements, contexts and formats from instagram stories to online articles. Ensuring your ad is optimised for that placement is important to get the most from your ad spend which is why Facebook ads now offer options to customise your placements as well as using automatic placements. This is great because it allows you to customise the placement of your ad based on the best place to display the ad creative.

For example, changing the aspect ratio of your add for stories versus feed so as your ad is full screen in stories or square on the feed.  Much like our blog on Instagram Reels, using the correct aspect ratio is so important to keep your audience engaged! Putting the right variation of your ad in the right place can help lower the cost of your ads, and now it’s easier than ever. No one wants to drink a cropped pint or the left hand side of a burger. Optimise your ads and make sure you’re showing potential customers everything you have to offer.

image example of aspect ratio and ad optimixation

Social Media Marketing for your Food and Drink Brands 

It’s been a very long two years for food and drink brands. The focus now is getting people through the doors to make up for the losses the pandemic has cost your brand. Wondering how social media marketing for you food and drinks brand can help? 

Well, according to a survey by smart insights, unsurprisingly users on social networks skyrocketed during the pandemic. It’s now estimated that there is a new user on average every 16.5 seconds.  As well as the continuous growth of social media platforms, The Global Web Index has noted the continuing importance of influencers reporting that 27% of Gen Z say that following influencers is one of the main reasons they use social media.  

Social media has become more important than ever for online marketing, especially when your marketing a food and drinks brand. Think about this; how often do you get food and drink #inspo from Instagram, Facebook, TikTok or Pinterest? Maybe, you don’t even go to a restaurant without checking out their tagged pictures on insta to see what it’s really like? Yeah… us too. 

image of Food and drink #inspo on social media

Marketing Food and Drink Brands with Video 

Most of us like to have as much information as possible before we make a decision. It’s no surprise that video continues to be used in marketing to increase conversion. Video is more informative, more engaging and has higher rates of conversion. Basically, video is a great way to effectively market your food and drink brand. 

According to Word Stream our brains process video 600,000 times faster than text, in other words video is just more effective. Having video on your landing page can also increase leads by 80%, so if you’re looking to increase bookings for your food and drinks brand investing in video is an avenue worth exploring.  Just make sure your video is short and entertaining, that it includes a Call To Action and that you choose an engaging video thumbnail image like a helpful bar or wait staff smiling, or your best food and drink options as opposed to text.

Take a look at this example from one of our clients below! 

Get Started with Influencer Marketing for your Food and Drink Brand

Influencer marketing has always been at the heart of online marketing for food and drink brands. Whether it’s musicians acting as brand ambassadors for cool new Whiskey’s or Bloggers drinking the latest hard seltzer, influencers are slowly becoming a core element of a Food and Drinks brand’s success. 

As we mentioned before, 27% of Gen Z say that one of the main reasons they use social media is to follow their favourite influencers. Influencer marketing has the potential for increased audience engagement and gives a brand the influencers seal of approval. Essentially, an influencer you follow is someone whose opinion you trust, and what better endorsement for your brand? 

Looking ahead, trends for influencer marketing in 2022 will be focused on the rise of micro influencers, a focus on results based performance marketing and more of an emphasis on long-term relationships between influencers and brands. Influencers are going from shouting about brand’s, to communicating the brands message to their audience.  With food and drinks brands clamouring to get back on their feet post pandemic, influencer marketing is a great way to entice customers back into your space by having an influencer show their audience your space and give you that seal of approval!   

Food inspo instagram

Personalise Email Marketing for your Brand

Email marketing is not just for ecommerce businesses. Post-pandemic, making reservations has become the norm. This offers a unique opportunity for food and drink brand’s to build their email marketing list from online booking systems. 

Collating an email marketing list is step one. Step two, and the growing trend for 2022, is personalisation through lifecycle and behavioural segmentation. What does that mean? Instead of blasting your email list with the same message, segment it depending on where your customer is at in their journey with you. Have they just booked a table? Send them a confirmation email thanking them for their booking. Have they dined with you tonight? Send them an email asking them to review your food and drinks. Has it been a while since you last saw them? Prompt them to come back and visit your restaurant with an enticing offer like a discount on their food or a two for one drinks offer.

Personalisation is more engaging for customers and leads to more success in email marketing.

image of emails being sent

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These 5 basic and easy to implement trends are sure to help you reach your digital marketing goals in 2022! If you found this blog useful, make sure to follow us on Instagram for more tips like these every week and to get notified when our next blog is live! 

Food & Drink Marketing FAQs

How does Marketing Food & Drink work? 

Marketing for food and drinks brand online can include running facebook and google ads, engaging influencers, creating content for online channels and your website and email marketing. The goal of online marketing is to increase awareness of your brand in a crowded online space and generate more business for your bar or restaurant.  

How is Marketing Changing? 

There is now an increased focus on online marketing. Social media, email marketing and digital ads are a cost effective way to reach your marketing goals when done correctly.

How Email Marketing Works?

Email marketing works by creating a database of your existing customers and engaging with them directly. This can include giving your email marketing list special access to discounts, asking them to write reviews or letting them know about upcoming events or news. 

How Influencer Marketing Works?

Influencer marketing works by engaging an influencer to promote your brand to their audience via their social media channels. This can work in many ways through gifting, collaborations or paid ads. 

How Influencer Marketing Helps?

 Influencer marketing is effective as it has the potential of increased audience engagement and the influencers endorsement of your brand adds an added layer of approval to prospective customers.