A simple way You can improve your Social Media right now.

May 14, 2017
Write posts that customers will enjoy reading and will want to respond to with personal opinions.  Readers prefer relevant, personalised content.

Write Relevant Posts To Engage Consumers :

Write posts that customers will enjoy reading and will want to respond to with personal opinions.  Readers prefer relevant, personalised content.

Provide Facebook Fans with Exclusive Offers :

When you ‘like’ a business on Facebook, customers like to feel like they’re getting something in return. You can entice them to like your page by offering 10% off their first treatment or you can provide discounts to Facebook fans which are only redeemable by sharing the post.

By knowing that these offers are only offered to Facebook fans, customers will want to follow your page and they may even tell their friends about it!

Target Your Ads :

Use Facebook Ads to their full potential through targeting. You may want to only target people located close to your salon, or those of a certain age or maybe people who have interests similar to what your salon offers.

Post Pictures :

Businesses can also use Facebook is as a visual medium. Your salon should be showcasing work that it’s proud of whether that be manicures or before and after shots, pictures show your followers  what you can do and entice them to book in.

Pictures are engaged with more than text only posts so they can also help to bring new followers through your door if your current customers share the photo on their personal accounts.

Engage Customers Through Competitions and Giveaways :

It’s a known fact that people love free stuff, whether it’s gift card for your salon or a discount on a beauty treatment, your followers will love being able to enter to receive the prize on Facebook.

Search Engine Optimisation (SEO) :

SEO is the process of making your salon website rank highly on Google and other search engines’ organic listings. It’s what drives your online salon profile. If you want to grow your business and want more traffic then you need to devote time and resources to it. If your salon doesn’t rank highly on Google potential new clients will find your competitors.

Hash Tagging :

Use trending hashtags to draw more users to your Instagram account. An example would be to use #manicure to gain more views while showing a picture of a manicure.

Use Geography To Your Advantage :

Use hashtags to point out your location. Potential customers looking for a salon nearby may stumble across your picture and your salon. For example if you caption with #Ballsbridge and #Dublin, those looking for a spray tan that day can locate your salon quickly.

In conclusion, these tips will allow your salon to gain new customers, retain customers through brand loyalty and create an interactive community with followers.

Google Places :

Google Places is the local listing results of Google. Google Places appears high up in the search results of Google when users look for local information such as a salon near by.

Email marketing: 

Email is one of the easiest ways to get in touch with your customers. It’ s a way of reminding them about your business and it’s current offers and promotions. You can include a way to contact you or book the next appointment right from the email too.