Content Creation - Photography & Videography

Let’s start conversations with your customers, through visual, technical or conceptual content. Our other bespoke services include social media marketing, website design, and onliine advertising.

What is Content Creation?

Content creation is one of the many arms of digital marketing. When you look up a video on how to use your lawnmower, read funny Netflix and chill tweets, listen to a podcast on true crimes, or read a blog post about scheduling a Facebook post… you’re consuming content.


Content creation is the method of developing ideas centred around what your target audience will find useful in relation to your product or service, and then making this content in a format that your audience will be able to consume (blog posts, videos, podcasts or infographics, for example). Content creation is a relatively cheap method of online marketing in that, when optimised well, it can be a constant stream of inbound marketing for many years. 

Do you need #help with…

A lack of resources to produce effective content?

Maintaining high quality content against stiff competition?

Knowledge of what content to produce?

Maintaining content-publishing and sticking to a schedule?

Measuring content ROI?

How does Escalate do Content Creation differently?

We are all about making core connections with our clients and understanding how your business goals align with what your audience and customers need.


Treating your project as a lifetime goal rather than a one-off thing ensures we develop customised and bespoke strategies to reach your customers on time. We keep the content fresh and relevant for many years to come, providing a constant stream of efficient marketing. 

Benefits of Photography and Video Content Creation

76% of businesses using video marketing had an increase in traffic due to video

Professional website photographs add credibility and faces to your brand

Images on Facebook get 352% more engagements than shared links

You can repurpose images and video multiple times on different social media channels, making it a cheap and effective long-term investment

This content improves your website rankings

The Photography & Video Content Creation tasks we perform for you

Our professional photographers and videographers fully immerse themselves in your story to create beautiful and dynamic videos and photos that capture your audience. Like all strategies we produce, we sit down with your team to discuss the direction, approach and story of each video to ensure it is fitting for your audience and drives an emotional connection. 

We evaluate your customer and reader personas so the content is always centred on the most important stakeholder; your customer.

Well crafted and attention-grabbing content goes hand in hand with online advertising.

Check out our ad services to see how we can help you with this.