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Brand Evolution of Granby Limited: A Journey to Success in 2023.

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Services Provided:

  • Strategy Development
  • Content Creation
  • Website Development
  • Social Ads Management
  • Google Ads Management
  • Influencer Marketing
  • Community Management

The Client Brief.

Granby sought our expertise, recognising the need for a transformation in their digital presence. With a lack of active social media accounts and a nonfunctional website dating back to 2007, Granby faced the disconnection with a vital demographic – the cherished generations of Dubs, aged 35 and above, who were raised on their exceptional products and held an enduring love for the brand. Simultaneously, the younger audience, aged 35 and below, remained largely unaware of the Granby legacy, lacking the familiarity and recognition synonymous with the name.

Recognising the need to adapt to the demands of the present, Granby entrusted our team with the responsibility of propelling the brand into the dynamic landscape of 2023. They envisioned a comprehensive modernisation, an evolution that would seamlessly align Granby with the expectations and aspirations of the present era.

Our Approach.

To elevate Granby’s digital presence, our team embarked on a comprehensive approach, ensuring a total transformation for the brand.

First and foremost, we constructed a new website, serving as a central hub of information about Granby, catering to the online audience. This sleek and user-friendly platform showcases the brand’s essence and offerings in an engaging manner. Click to visit the Granby website.

Recognising the significance of social media, we strategically established Granby’s presence across multiple platforms to foster engagement and raise brand awareness among diverse demographics in the Greater Dublin Area. Through active accounts on Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok, we orchestrated a multifaceted campaign to captivate and connect with their target audience.

To create compelling content, we conducted a series of photo and video shoots, capturing the essence of Granby’s finest products and meals. This visual storytelling not only adorned the brand’s new website and social media accounts but also formed the backbone of our new advertising campaigns.

Employing targeted ad campaigns, we maximised Granby’s visibility and engagement across various social media platforms and Google. By leveraging precise targeting techniques, we ensured that the brand made a meaningful impact, reaching its intended audience with tailored messaging.

In a strategic partnership, we collaborated with renowned Dublin-based influencer Joe McGucken, whose values aligned perfectly with those of Granby and their customers. Harnessing Joe’s influential presence and his following, predominantly comprising the desired demographic, we crafted authentic and relatable content that resonated with the target audience, further strengthening Granby’s brand recognition and appeal.

The Results.

Through our strategic efforts, we have witnessed some amazing outcomes, showcasing the positive impact of our collaboration with Granby.

A vibrant community of Granby enthusiasts has flourished across social media, boasting an impressive following of over 7,500 dedicated individuals. These passionate supporters actively engage with the brand, fostering a sense of connection and loyalty within the Granby community.

The captivating content we created for social media has reached an astounding audience of over 1 million viewers. This wide-reaching exposure has predominantly captivated the people of Dublin but is also being noticed by people across the world.

A tangible testament to the brand’s revitalisation is the remarkable three-fold increase in supermarket inquiries seeking to stock Granby products. This surge in demand underscores the effectiveness of our efforts in elevating Granby’s market presence and consumer appeal.

Furthermore, the new Granby website has experienced an impressive influx of visitors, with tens of thousands individuals exploring its pages. Among the most popular sections are “History” and “Stockists,” indicating the significant interest in the brand’s heritage and the availability of its products. This data exemplifies the keen curiosity and intent of visitors to not only learn about Granby’s roots but also actively engage in purchasing its esteemed offerings.

The cumulative impact of our endeavors has been nothing short of extraordinary, positioning Granby as a prominent and sought-after brand, with a thriving online community, widespread recognition, and an increasing market presence.

“When Granby Limited made the decision to revamp our website and establish a strong online social media presence, we were determined to find a partner who could effectively engage with our desired demographic. That’s when we discovered Escalate, a dynamic Dublin-based company with an exceptional team perfectly attuned to our target audience.

For anyone seeking a partner to develop and manage their online presence, while delivering creative and captivating content, look no further than the remarkable team at Escalate. From the outset, they demonstrated their prowess by swiftly updating our brand, designing an impressive website, and crafting engaging social media content.

One of our main objectives was to infuse a playful and lively tone into our communications with our followers, and Escalate has truly excelled in capturing this essence. Their campaigns have not only generated interest but have also fostered meaningful interactions, feedback, and discussions between ourselves and our customers. We are thrilled with the overwhelming response we have received.

The dedication, creativity, and expertise demonstrated by the Escalate team have exceeded our expectations, and we wholeheartedly recommend their services to any organization seeking to establish a strong online presence and build meaningful connections with their audience.”

Eoin Kavanagh, Managing Director of Granby Limited.

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