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The Client Brief.

In 1933, a group of traditional sausage makers were developing a mouthwatering plan to create the best-tasting sausages. Almost 100 years later Granby remains as the only sausage maker still operating in the heart of Dublin City.

Having had no digital presence for over 20 years, Granby had totally lost touch with a generation of Dubs. Those under the age of 35 were largely unaware of the brand and Granby tasked us with creating mass awareness among this demographic and reconnecting with them in a meaningful way online.

We figured that the best way to do this was through influencer marketing, so we got to work on coming up with a concept that would hit all of the right notes with this particular demographic.

Our Approach

We developed the series concept of “Come Fry With Me” which, at its most basic, would be a series where well-known influencers and online personalities sit down over a Granby fry-up and shoot the breeze.

Firstly we needed a host who fitted the brand personality and profile of Granby. Joe McGucken was a perfect fit for the role and once we had him locked in as the host, we got to work on production.

A behind-the-scenes team was put together. Guests were booked in, with online personalities such as Darren Conway, Talking Bollocks, Enya Martin, and Justine Stafford all getting involved. Filming dates were confirmed. Filming locations were also locked in.

Given the nature of the series, each episode lasted for about 5 minutes, meaning there was an opportunity to repurpose some of the finished content into shorter, bite-sized clips, perfect for platforms such as YouTube Shorts, Instagram Reels, and TikTok.

The Results.

To date, “Come Fry With Me” has been a huge success. People love the laid-back, organic nature of the conversations and the comedy, and the online reaction to every episode has been overwhelmingly positive.

A snapshot of some of the metrics include;

2 series (in total 8 episodes) have been developed so far. With its huge popularity, a third series is on the way!

The episodes have generated over 610,000 organic impressions online across Facebook, Instagram, TikTok, and YouTube.

We have reached an audience of around 527,000 people. The majority of this audience is within the Greater Dublin Area, which is Granby’s primary audience, but the series has been watched all over the world!

The episodes have also generated over 44,000 organic engagements online. The vast majority of these engagements have been very positive, with love for the series being expressed, deabtes being sparked, and other well-known online personalities looking to get involved in any future series.

Currently, we have been able to develop over 30 unique pieces of content. In addition to the 8 original videos, we have developed and edited shorter clips which have been hugely popular on the short-form content social media platforms.


Organic Impressions

People reached

Organic engagements

Unique pieces of content

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