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Granby Ltd. Brand Transformation

How We Digitally Transformed Granby Limited into a Brand for the future.

Content Creation, Production, Social, Advertising, Website Design.

Granby is a household name and somewhat of an institution for many people in Dublin, having been in operation from Granby Place in Dublin 1 since 1933. However due to a lack of an online presence over the last 15 or so years, the brand has not connected and resonated with a younger demographic of Dubs. To add to this, the generations of Dubs who do have a connection with the brand had nowhere to interact with the brand online. We have changed all of that!

The Problem

When we first began working with Granby the one glaring problem with their business was the lack of an online presence.

They had a website built in 2007 that had not been updated since! So as you can imagine, things were not firing on all cylinders and it was a little bit dated….

Granby were also not active on any social media platforms and were missing out on engaging with fans and customers, as well as reaching new audiences who may have never heard of Granby or any of their products before.

In analysing Granby as a brand overall, where they wanted to get to with their online presence, and the brand tone and personality that needs to be gotten across, we focused on two key challenges that would be key to the success of Granby online.


Our Challenge

The first challenge was to reconnect online with people who would have grown up with Granby and for whom Granby is a household name. Having been around since 1933 there are generations of people in Dublin who have known and loved the brand and their produce down the years. We needed to find these people online and get them reconnected and engaging with the brand.

The second major challenge was then to reach a brand new demographic and audience of people in Dublin. For many Dubs under the age of 35 the brand name Granby was either alien to them or they vaguely knew about the brand from their parents or grandparents talking about it. We needed to reach these people online, educate them about Granby and their amazing products, and create engaging content so these people are going to want to follow Granby online.


The Solution

A presence on social media for any brand is a must these days so we decided to get Granby up and running on Facebook and Instagram. These touchpoints were necessary for Granby to allow people to engage with the brand on a day-to-day basis, as well as allowing Granby to reach people via paid ads on the platforms.

A strategy was drawn up which consisted of a 4 step plan to grow Granby online;

1. Create a brand new website and establish a presence on social media.

As you saw earlier, the old Granby website was no longer fit for purpose in 2021. We started again from scratch and created a website that could showcase Granby and its products, educate people on the brand and brand history, and show how Granby’s products are adaptable and can be made in a variety of ways, in a variety of dishes.

You can check out the new Granby website here.

2. Capture content using Granby products.

What use is there in having a brand new website and social media channels for Granby without having some amazing new content to show off?

We organised a shoot to capture the entire range of Granby produce, as well as showing off how these Granby products can be made into different dishes. And the shoot produced some amazing content.

3. Reconnect with Granby’s existing fans.

As mentioned earlier, one of the key challenges was to connect with the original fans of Granby, for whom Granby is an iconic Dublin brand.

We began running ads on Facebook in particular, targeting people of certain age groups in certain locations so as to get Granby back in the minds of these people. We then also began putting out engaging content that would appeal to this demographic. 

4. Connect with a new generation of Dubs.

In parallel with the campaign of reconnecting Granby with their existing fans, we also went about targeting a younger demographic of people in Dublin online.

We began running ads targeting younger people across Dublin, we put out engaging content of how Granby products are adaptable in different meals and we also teamed up with some food influencers to educate their followers about Granby through some giveaways.

The Results

After working with the brand for a couple of months the numbers began showing some consistent patterns.

The website has proved hugely successful, with a lot of traffic gravitating towards the “History” page to learn all about the origins of this great brand and towards the “Stockists” page where people can find out where is best to go to buy Granby.

The followers and engagement has grown steadily on both Facebook and Instagram, now boasting an online Granby family of thousands of people.

The Granby team in the office at Granby Place have recorded a distinct increase in the number of enquiries from supermarkets and retailers enquiring about stocking Granby products. Why now? Customers have been telling these supermarket and retail managers that Granby are “back up and running” having seen them on Facebook or Instagram and would like to buy their products.

We have reconnected with Granby fans across Dublin and beyond, with many sharing amazing stories and memories related to the brand online.


When Granby Limited decided to update our website we were keen to also have a presence in the online social media space. We found Escalate, a young Dublin Company with a young team who, were exactly the demographic we wished to engage with through social media.

The team at Escalate quickly went to work designing our website and creating engaging social media content. We were keen to set a fun tone in our communications with followers and Escalate have “nailed it”. 

Our campaigns have generated interest, feedback and discussion directly between ourselves and our customers and we are absolutely delighted with the response. To anyone looking for a partner to develop and manage their online presence with creative and engaging content, you need not look any further than the excellent team at Escalate.

Eoin Kavanagh

Owner, Granby Ltd


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