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The Client Brief.

In 1933, a group of traditional sausage makers were developing a mouthwatering plan to create the best-tasting sausages. Almost 100 years later Granby remains as the only sausage maker still operating in the heart of Dublin City.

Every summer Granby releases a new selection of BBQ-specific products to fill grills all across Dublin and beyond. In 2023 Granby tasked us with amplifying the products available to a mass audience, as well as showcasing some interesting new recipes that can be whipped up on the grill.

Having previously worked with previously, we had no doubt that a collaboration with the BBQ masters down at Smokin’ Soul were the perfect choice for Granby to team up with for the project.

So we got to work…

Our Approach

Firstly, we reached out to Smokin’ Soul to discuss the potential summer BBQ series collaboration. Their team was immediately excited by the project and agreed to the collaboration. A fee was agreed and a date was set for filming down at their BBQ studio.

On the agreed-upon date, we spent an entire day filming – achieving an incredible 7 recipes in one session. We then went away to edit and finalise the videos, receiving welcome input and feedback from both Granby and Smokin’ Soul along the way.

The videos were optimised for the various social media platforms and the plan for a staggered release throughout the summer on – Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, and TikTok.

In addition to the organic social media metrics that would be achieved from the pre-existing audiences of Granby and Smokin’ Soul, a paid ads plan was put in place. This was to ensure the content was amplified to a much larger audience of foodies, BBQ enthusiasts, aspiring chefs, and more.

The Results.

The Granby and Smokin’ Soul collaboration was a roaring success for both parties.

Some of the metrics achieved included;

Around 1.73 million online impressions across the four key social media platforms.

A reach of just under 1.24 million people, the majority of whom were based in the Greater Dublin Area, which is Granby’s key target audience.

Around 370,000 unique online engagements across all of the videos on the various platforms.

A 5% increase in Granby’s following across all social platforms for the duration of the campaign. This showed the appetite that people had for the recipes and content being created.

Online Impressions

People reached

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Following increase over all platforms

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