How we achieved 13x Growth in online Sales


MONIN is the world’s leading flavour solution provider in the bar industry.


MONIN provide consumers with products that will help them bring new flavours anywhere, from the kitchen and home, to high end bars and restaurants.

They are the trusted brand of choice for industry professionals and providing tailor-made creative flavour solutions which originate from real, authentic ingredients.

facebook ads for e-commerce online sales dublin ireland digital agency
facebook ads for e-commerce online sales dublin ireland digital agency
facebook ads for e-commerce online sales dublin ireland digital agency

Social media ads to drive awareness of popular products.

The Challenge

To develop online sales strategy to increase e-commerce sales for MONIN among their consumer audience.

While MONIN are the brand of choice for industry professionals, they are not so widely known among the general consumer market.

When Escalate were asked to increase online sales, this proved our biggest challenge. How do we get consumers to purchase a brand we know they will like, but that they know very little about…?

After completing a thorough situational analysis and online brand audit, two things became very clear:

  1. We needed to educate consumers on MONIN’s unique offering and how they can use their expert products in every day life.
  2. A complete e-commerce sales and advertising strategy was needed.

Our Approach:

We took a two pronged approach to achieving success for MONIN.

1. A social content strategy which focused on brand awareness and consumer education.

For this, we launched a simple yet engaging content plan that demonstrated MONIN’s key product offerings at key times to a very specific target audience. Using social media advertising to amplify reach and awareness.

2. We developed an online sales strategy using Google search ads and social media retargeting to capture attention and drive traffic from a very specific customer demographic.  

After highlighting the demographic of people who were likely to purchase MONIN products, we then ran targeted ads on Google, Facebook and Instagram reaching over 100k people each month.


digital agency for e-commerce sales increase online sales

Website banner promoting cocktails at home.

online ecommerce sales increase dublin ireland digital agency

Simple, fun content demonstrating how easy it is to use MONIN products.

facebook ads for e-commerce online sales dublin ireland digital agency

Social Ads, generating new customers.

The Result

By focusing on these areas, Escalate’s work has provided results that have exceeded even our own expectations.

MONIN online sales have grown 13x (a staggering 1250%) in the same period last year. This increase in online sales is a 5x return on investment for MONIN.


more website visitors!


Increase in sales!

Return on Investment!

After meeting with several agencies, we decided to engage Escalate to manage our e-commerce website and social channels, and we have not regretted our decision.

We thought we were on top of our socials but that couldn’t have been further from the truth.

It’s only when you deal with experts that you realise your weakness in this field.
In the first three months, we have seen a huge increase in online sales, this has been maintained and we expect further growth.

We have tried many online methods and spent money elsewhere in the past, in Escalate finally we found success.

Plus they are all nice people.  I can’t recommend them enough.

Michael Ingle​, Sales Director – MONIN Ireland, Food Solutions Ltd