“Where There’s Food, There’s Family”

Granby’s Nostalgic Journey Through Dublin

When Granby Limited decided to update our website we were keen to also have a presence in the online social media space. We found Escalate, a young Dublin Company with a young team who, were exactly the demographic we wished to engage with through social media.

The team at Escalate quickly went to work designing our website and creating engaging social media content. We were keen to set a fun tone in our communications with followers and Escalate have “nailed it”.

Our campaigns have generated interest, feedback and discussion directly between ourselves and our customers and we are absolutely delighted with the response. To anyone looking for a partner to develop and manage their online presence with creative and engaging content, you need not look any further than the excellent team at Escalate.

Eoin Kavanagh, Managing Director

Granby Ltd

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The Client Brief.

In 1933, a group of traditional sausage makers were developing a mouthwatering plan to create the best-tasting sausages. Almost 100 years later Granby remains as the only sausage maker still operating in the heart of Dublin City.

In 2022, Granby commissioned Escalate to develop a campaign to elevate brand awareness of key products and boost sales during pivotal seasons – Christmas breakfasts and Summer BBQs.

Our ‘Granby – Where There’s Food There’s Family’ campaign aimed to evoke a nostalgic journey through Dublin, focusing on the ups and downs of life culminating in the importance of family.

Comedian Joe McGucken, a Dublin native, was the perfect choice to front our campaign, aligning seamlessly with the brand.

Our Approach

Our objective was to weave Granby into key moments of our audience’s lives, eliciting emotions to foster positive brand associations. We aimed to craft relatable, humorous, and nostalgic content for Dubliners to cherish.

As Granby’s initial foray into this kind of project, client satisfaction was paramount. However, we were confident that by tapping into viewers’ emotions, we could create a lasting impression.

Our advertisements were designed to spotlight particular moments that mirrored our audience’s experiences, guiding them on an emotional journey with Granby at the heart of what’s truly important – family. The idea was not only to create a connection, but to assert Granby’s presence as a central, indispensable part of their lives.

This pioneering project was a collaboration between Escalate, Granby, the producer, and the artist. A spoken word poem was selected as the medium, paired with visual narratives, to craft a piece that appeared genuine and consumed easily.

Our team cherry-picked distinctive Dublin locations for the video content, to elicit feelings of nostalgia and familiarity, aiming to cater to audiences from different parts of the city.

Several script revisions were undertaken, precipitating debates over everything from specific locations to precise wording. Eventually, we arrived at our winning script.

Our productions were set to be broadcast on Social Media and YouTube, specifically targeted towards a Dublin audience, thereby enhancing our impact and relevance.

The Results.

Our campaigns hit a home run with remarkable traction, delivering a whopping 2.88 million online impressions and reaching over 1.41 million people in Ireland, mostly concentrated in the Greater Dublin Area.

We also saw a high level of online engagement, with more than 262k unique interactions.

The campaign’s success further amplified with reposts and shares across various online platforms. It was also featured in respected media outlets like the Irish Independent and Discover Dublin. Comments and reposts from influential social media figures amplified our campaign’s reach and impact.

Online Impressions

People reached

Unique interactions


Sales increase in Christmas period


Sales increase in Summerperiod

 Renowned influencer Aoife Dunne lauded the campaign, stating: “That was absolutely whopper!! What a beautiful tribute to Dublin, fatherhood, summers, childhood, and an ode to the old values, Congrats lads!”.

Of most significance, our campaign achieved Granby’s ultimate goal — sales saw an increase of 12% and 23% during the Christmas and summer periods respectively.

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