Social Media Marketing: 6 Reasons Your Brand Needs a Strong Online Presence

July 27, 2020
You may already know that having an active presence online is important for your brand, but it’s not acceptable to simply have your brand online...

Social Media Marketing: 6 Reasons Your Brand Needs a Strong Online Presence

You may already know that having an active presence online is important for your brand, but it’s not acceptable to simply have your brand online. With over 2 billion active users on the internet, it is essential that your brand develops a strong online presence that stands out to other online users. Here are a few reasons why you should consider creating a strong online presence for your brand.


1. Search engine visibility


Considering how frequently people use search engines like Google or Bing, it makes sense to want your brand to show up as much as possible when people search for topics related to your brand. Having a social media profile will help you increase traffic and user engagement. On top of that, with a presence on multiple social media channels, these platforms will show up on search results ahead of brand negativity.


SEO Search engine visability Reasons Your Brand Needs a Strong Online Presence


2. Improve Customer Service


Social media is not strictly meant for marketing, you can also adapt it and use it to improve your brand’s customer service. A good idea is to figure out which platforms your demographic is most active on, and select those social media platforms to be active on as well. This allows for a large base of your target audience to keep in touch with your brand about potential issues that need to be fixed. Quickly responding to any complaints or comments will increase customer trust and loyalty in the brand.


3. Trust Building


Having a social media presence has become an important factor when earning the trust of the customer. Social media helps you build a unique connection with customers. You are able to interact with them on multiple channels, making them think of your brand as something more than just a specific product or service. On top of this, the virtual connection also helps you build and prove your credibility as a brand. Social media allows you to gain customer confidence by consistently interacting with them. Show your audience that you listen to them by responding to questions, comments, or concerns they have. It opens a unique dialogue between you and the customer that should be taken advantage of to benefit your brand.


build trust with audience Reasons Your Brand Needs a Strong Online Presence


4. Improve brand loyalty


This pairs up well with trust building. Online users notice and appreciate strong social media presences. Just look at any popular content creator on YouTube or Instagram, there are countless examples of people who have built a loyal fan base around their brand. Loyal customers will be interested in your brand, and interact and share content you post online.
-Social media marketing will get you active, engaged and loyal customers. Do not run behind the follower count and huge fan base. Social media marketing will help you in getting a loyal and interested customer base.


5. Decrease Marketing Costs


Just like any other form of marketing, an important factor is the cost. When you compare social media marketing to more traditional forms of marketings, social media marketing is relatively cheaper. Traditional marketing like television ads have been declining in revenue since around 2009. A major benefit to social media marketing is that it’s practically free to invest in, and it’s constantly available for people to see online. Social media marketing is also able to reach a larger demographic compared to a television ad or a billboard. Social media marketing provides you with more effective tools to target specific audiences for your brands.


6. Track Your Target Audience Better


There is a large amount of data involved with social media platforms. Marketing on social media helps you launch targeted campaigns. These campaigns aim to maximise exposure to key audiences of your demographic. Using the data collected from social media platforms, these campaigns can be very effective since you are able to collect feedback on what works and does not work with the audience. The more targeted campaigns you launch, the more you will understand your demographics interests and buying habits, which allows you to maximise the effectiveness of your campaigns.


track your audience marketing analytics


Although it is still fairly easy and cheap to work on, social media marketing still requires a good amount of planning in order to maximise the effectiveness. Figuring out the right social media channels, as well as having a good understanding of your target audience is a good start. At Escalate we understand the importance of social media marketing and the work that makes it effective, if you have any further questions please don’t be afraid to contact us.