Social Media Management & Marketing

Our creative ideas that boost your brand even further always stem from indisputable audience insights, from metrics analyses to chatting with your customers on social media posts. Our other bespoke services include website design, online advertising and content creation

What is Social Media Marketing & Management ?

Social Media is a wonderful way of injecting your business and brand with a personality and voice; leading to emotional connections between you and your customers.


Social media is powerful in that it allows you to easily promote your products and services, but is also a great way of establishing brand ambassadors through your loyal customers. Chatting with your customers on social can bring in referrals and establish a hive of activity around your brand that can’t be found anywhere else.

It’s time to level up and join the conversation!

Are you #struggling with…

Creating the time to manage your social media platforms?

Not knowing which social media channel to be on?

Consistently writing posts that portray your brand voice?

Making visual graphics and posts that appeal to your audience?

Tracking followers’ engagements using the channel metrics studios?

How does Escalate do Social Media Marketing & Management differently?

Social media is our playground. It is where we thrive and it’s what we’ve grown up with. We know the ins and outs, what will be considered a hit or be a major flop.


The power of social media is strong if harnessed properly. Aligning your desired outcomes (such as getting more people into your restaurant or increasing sales amongst a specific demographic) with social media goals is key. Increasing brand awareness, likes and @brand mentions, retweets, and weekly total reach are examples of social media metrics that can be tracked to see how well you’re performing online. But all of these mean nothing if your end goals of increasing sales and getting more customers in the door aren’t happening. 


Our tailored plans, evolving around custom content creation, engaging with your followers online, brand news and updates posts and competition launches ensures you stay at the tip of your customers’ tongue.

Benefits of Social Media Marketing & Management

Putting a voice to the brand on social media and replying to your customers makes you trustworthy and dependable. Social media enables these conversations, allowing customers to glance at a different side of the brand and feel connected.

Using social media to promote your website content, such as blog posts, new website offers, in-store competitions or new products can drive traffic back to your site. These positive social media impressions can increase conversion rates as people want to do business with this humanised brand. 

Promoting your products and services on social media, while also engaging and answering customer questions can improve brand loyalty. People use social to ask questions, so put yours

The Social Media Marketing & Management tasks we perform for you

There is no task too big or small for Escalate Digital Marketing, especially when it comes to social media marketing. Our social media services span from account management and growth implementations to content creation and calendars that boost your online community engagement.

Our aim is to always build on your customer relationships, because we know every brand we work with has an end goal to help their customers throughout their journey. Social media is the perfect way to stay on top of that. 

For any social media projects, we first assess your business and audience to figure out what social media platform they’re on. If you’re not already set up there, we will create an account for you, manage it and make detailed reports on a weekly or monthly basis to assess where we are in accordance with our goals.

We ensure you are on the right platforms, including:







We cover everything in the account management; stand out graphics and content that promote your brand and engage the right audience, regular posting of updates from your blog or website, competitions and promotional launches, and reporting on brand reach and engagement on that particular platform. Every month we can then assess what content does well, how interactive your audience and customers are and then map out a new content calendar in line with our goals and what’s working for your brand on that particular platform. 


Like anything in life, consistency is key. It’s time to intensify your social media priorities.


In order to get your brand voice and image across, it’s important to post the right kind of content and imagery.

Check out our content creation services to help you along!