Social Media Trends – The Top 5 Social Trends of 2023 So Far

August 25, 2023
A quick look at the 5 most dominant social media trends of 2023 so far, and learn how your business should be taking advantage of them.

Social media trends in 2023.

As we are rapidly approaching the three-quarter mark of 2023 (*Christmas songs playing in the background…*), we thought it would be a good time to take stock and show you what really has been happening in the social landscape throughout 2023.

In the ever-evolving landscape of social media, 2023 has brought with it a host of emerging trends that are reshaping the way businesses engage with their audiences.

As the digital realm continues to influence consumer behavior, brands must navigate these shifts to remain relevant and effectively connect with their target demographics.

This blog delves into five prominent social media trends that have dominated 2023, offering insights for your brand or business to adapt and thrive in this dynamic environment.


1. Rise of “Edutainment” Content.

The concept of “edutainment” is transcending its origins and gaining traction across diverse industries.

In 2023, the integration of entertaining and informative content is no longer confined to specific niches. Notably, the fintech sector achieved remarkable success by creating content that strikes a balance between humorously addressing relatable financial challenges and providing insightful money management tips.

Capitalising on the surge in popularity of short-form videos, this trend fosters an environment conducive to the proliferation of educational content. Marketers are increasingly collaborating with creators to demystify industry misconceptions or offer valuable life hacks, leveraging platforms like TikTok, Instagram Reels, and YouTube Shorts.

Key brand takeaway – No matter how niche your business or industry is, there is room for short-form “edutainment” videos. Get recording!

social media trends


2. Enhanced Investment in Video Production.

Of all of the social media trends, it will come as no surprise that video is still the king! And arguably, it is more consolidated as the King than it was in 2022!

Video’s undeniable prominence in the social media landscape continues to grow, demanding strategic adaptations from businesses. The once-emerging platform, TikTok, has solidified its position with the average person spending around 90 minutes engaging with the platform daily.

Forward-thinking companies are acknowledging this shift and investing in both equipment and personnel dedicated to video production. As video consumption becomes integral to online interactions, businesses are compelled to ensure their brand stands out through persuasive storytelling and proficient video editing.

Don’t believe us? Look at what HubSpot has had to say about it in their 2023 Report on video marketing.

Key brand takeaway – Review how much you have invested in content creation in 2023 and consider increasing your budget for video going forward.


3. BeReal’s Impact on Brand Authenticity.

Who knew that being yourself could be so powerful? One of the slightly more surprising social media trends of the year so far.

Following its emergence in 2022, the BeReal app has captivated users and confounded marketers with its unique approach. As the app does not incentivise constant usage, brands are presented with an opportunity to reassess their marketing strategies. Rather than solely focusing on navigating the platform, brands are advised to contemplate the broader implications of vertical networks and closed communities.

Not keen on managing another social platform like BeReal? You can convey the same messages using Instagram Stories and TikTok. Learn more about optimising Instagram performance for your business.

By comprehending why these platforms thrive in the context of growing consumer social media fatigue, brands can recalibrate their strategies to emphasise authenticity, thus establishing a genuine connection with their audience.

Key brand takeaway – Any brand or business can convey a message or personality to please its audience. But what is really looked upon favourably is your transparency, authenticity, and a little bit of online honesty!


4. Flourishing Creator Economy.

Another one of the very unsurprising social media trends of 2023 – influencer marketing really works!

In 2023, the creator economy continues its remarkable expansion, with an estimated 10 trillion views per month across platforms. TEN TRILLION PER MONTH! The previous year demonstrated that influencer content garnered significantly higher viewership compared to traditional media and brand content.

Marketers across various sectors are embracing creator collaborations as a means to enhance engagement, foster community, and access new demographics. With the diversity of available creators growing, brands now have the opportunity to align with individuals who resonate with their target markets.

Key brand takeaway – You should take the time to do some research into potential influencers, creators, and collaborators who fit your brand’s personality and profile.


5. Employee Advocacy’s Ascendance.

As organic reach diminishes and paid ads become more expensive, the value of employee advocacy in social media marketing becomes increasingly apparent.

Companies are recognising the potential of leveraging their workforce as creators. By tapping into employee advocacy programs, brands not only elevate their brand awareness but also gain control over brand messaging and thought leadership.

As with any of these social media trends – who would have thought 10 years ago that employees in non-traditional marketing roles could be playing a key role in content creation for the business?

As success stories abound, employee advocacy is becoming a pivotal method for establishing a robust brand presence within specific industries.

Key brand takeaway – Get your staff involved and in front of the camera. They are hidden gems that could be contributing to some great content!



2023 has brought forth a transformative period in the realm of social media, marked by trends that redefine the ways brands interact with their online audiences.

Embracing the fusion of entertainment and education, investing in enhanced video production capabilities, understanding the implications of unique platforms like BeReal, harnessing the power of the creator economy, and leveraging employee advocacy all contribute to a comprehensive approach to contemporary social media marketing.

By aligning with these trends, your brand or business can navigate the evolving digital landscape with finesse, ensuring enduring relevance and engagement.

Are you not quite hitting your social media targets? Are you struggling to make up ground on the competition in social media spaces?

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