Social Media Updates September 2023 – TikTok, Instagram, and More!

September 25, 2023
This month's social media updates from TikTok and Instagram which could be implemented by your business in the very near future.

Social media updates, September 2023.


The main social media updates that you need to know from this blog are;

  1. TikTok and Billboard are going to be releasing a weekly official music chart.
  2. TikTok and Wikipedia have joined forces to take advantage of the growing number of people who use TikTok as a search engine.
  3. Off the back of the success of “Close Friends” for Instagram Stories, the feature will be rolled out for the Instagram Feed.
  4. It was always inevitable, but TikTok Shopping is finally here.



In the ever-shifting landscape of social media updates, innovation is the lifeblood that keeps platforms thriving and users engaged. It’s a dynamic world where change is the only constant, and recently, two major players have made significant moves that are poised to reshape our online experiences.

TikTok, known for its infectious short-form videos, has joined forces with Billboard, while Instagram is revolutionising the way we share content with our closest friends.

Moreover, TikTok isn’t just about entertainment anymore; it’s becoming a hub of information with a Wikipedia twist. Lastly, TikTok is venturing into e-commerce territory with the launch of TikTok Shopping.

In this blog, we’ll delve into these exciting social media updates that are redefining the social media landscape.


1. TikTok Joins Forces with Billboard.

The dynamic world of TikTok is now further intertwined with the music industry thanks to a groundbreaking collaboration with Billboard.

Every Thursday, TikTok and Billboard team up to release a weekly top 50 chart, providing a clear ranking of trending music on the platform. This exciting development promises to make it easier for users to discover and engage with the hottest songs of the moment.

Currently, this social media update appears to be available mainly in the United States, with broader availability expected in due time. Read more about this particular social media collaboration here.

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2. TikTok and Wikipedia: A Knowledge Fusion.

TikTok is taking advantage of its popularity, particularly among Generation Z, as a source of information. With 40% of Gen Z users turning to TikTok and Instagram for their searches instead of Google, TikTok has decided to incorporate Wikipedia snippets into its search results.

This feature enhances the educational value of the platform, allowing users to access summarized information directly from Wikipedia. As with the Billboard collaboration, this feature is initially available in the United States.


3. Instagram’s ‘Close Friends’ for Grid Posts.

Instagram is responding to changing user behavior. People are posting less frequently on their main feeds compared to a few years ago.

To adapt to this shift, Instagram is replicating the ‘Close Friends’ feature, which was initially designed for sharing stories, to now include posts. Users can mark specific posts as visible only to their close friends, distinguishing them with a green label and a white star above the post.

For businesses, this social media update could offer a unique opportunity to create exclusive content tailored to their most dedicated followers, fostering stronger connections and engagement.

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4. TikTok Shopping Arrives.

TikTok is diving deeper into e-commerce with the introduction of TikTok Shopping.

Launched on September 12th, this feature allows users to make in-app purchases, opening up new avenues for businesses to connect with potential customers and drive sales. While TikTok Shopping may not be visible to all users immediately, it’s only a matter of time before this social media update becomes a prominent part of the TikTok experience.

Your TikTok e-commerce strategy should now mirror your Instagram strategy, which includes ads. Read more about the benefits of TikTok ads.



As the digital realm continues to evolve, these updates from TikTok and Instagram underscore their commitment to staying ahead of the curve and catering to the evolving needs of their diverse user bases.

From music chart revelations and the fusion of entertainment and education to exclusive sharing options and in-app shopping, these features are ushering in a new era of social media engagement. Keep an eye on these developments as they gradually roll out and transform the way we connect, share, and discover in the ever-evolving world of social media.

The future promises to be both engaging and dynamic, and these platforms are at the forefront of this exciting journey. Stay tuned for more updates and enhancements as we embrace the ever-changing world of social media.