Video Marketing Drives Long-Term Brand Growth

September 29, 2022
As video consumption has rapidly increased over the years, it is now a powerful marketing tools for brands to reach their target customers.


Not enough time to read it all right now? No problem! Here are the key points on how videos can help brands in the long run;

  • Over the years video consumption has increased and online users now spend a greater chunk of time watching videos. One of the most popular marketing tools for brands are videos because they allow brands to show a unique side and are an easy way to reach a large audience. 


  • When marketers add video content to their strategy, it helps increase a brand’s SEO. This shows webpages as having higher quality and leads to visitors staying on the site longer. Adding in videos with relevant information that attracts audiences is a great way to increase brands’ search engine rankings. 


  • Brands can use video marketing as a way to establish brand authority on a certain topic. This increases consumers’ trust in a brand and enhances brand loyalty. The more customers that become interested in your brand, the more likely they are to spread the word about your brand.


  • The growing popularity of video consumption gives brands the opportunity to educate consumers about their products or services. This is an easy and fast way to promote new products. Being able to inform consumers in a way that draws their attention is an effective strategy to increase profits. 


  • Several brands have begun to use video on social media platforms to market their products. Social media platforms like Facebook and Instagram are starting to turn their attentions to video marketing. These platforms are creating new trends to help brands engage with their audiences. 


Introduction To Video Marketing.

Most people learn best with visual aids, so it makes sense that users spend the majority of their time online consuming video content. The continuous increase of video consumption has led the way for brands to establish long-term growth. 

Successful marketing strategies are made for long-term purposes and digital advertising is definitely not solely for short-term. Brands including videos into their marketing strategies will most certainly create a long-term impact. 

Whether it is platforms made specifically for video, like YouTube or TikTok, or platforms that are focusing on video content, like Facebook or Instagram, your brand has the opportunity to engage your target audience in a new and unique way.

Keep reading to find out the different ways that videos push for long-term brand growth.


1. Video Consumption Has Increased Over the Years.

Video consumption has been rapidly increasing over the past several years and the use of videos is now a popular marketing tool. Videos have proven their effectiveness by being a fast and easy way for marketers to reach their target audiences.

Each week audiences spend almost 20 hours of their time online watching videos. Meta disclosed in one of their studies that users spend half of their time on Facebook and Instagram watching videos and that more brands are starting to use longer videos on Facebook. This is particularly true amongst the younger demographics – Gen Z-ers and Millennials.

According to a recent study, over 80% of businesses said they use video as one of their marketing tools. Diode Digital learned in one of their previous studies that 60% online users are more likely to interact with social media posts that include video instead of simple text posts.

video marketing


2. Use Video Marketing Helps Improve SEO.

Having a high search engine ranking is important for marketers to connect with their consumers. Over 30% of marketers use video to increase their SEO. Video gives website pages higher quality and persuades prospects to stay on the site longer. 

Videos that include relevant information can improve a brand’s SEO value and lead to a boost in rankings. A higher search engine ranking means more traffic will be driven towards your brand’s website. 

Video marketing can also help boost a brand’s conversion rate. A recent report from a Hubspot study revealed that almost 40% of business decision-makers reach out to vendors after watching related videos. 

When brands create low quality content, conversion rates and SEO rankings decrease. It is important to remember that online users will not always be on the same device.

Content needs to fit all types of screens. This increases a brands reach and builds a consumers-first image. Thankfully, videos are fixed to fit multiple device screens. 


3. Brands Can Use Video To Establish Authority And Spread Awareness.

Using video as a marketing tool gives brands the opportunity to establish expertise, or brand authority, on a certain topic. Some people prefer to learn through visual aid, so videos are sometimes more helpful and effective. 

Over 30% of online users are searching for how-to videos and 29% are looking for educational videos. If audiences view your video and find that the information was constructive, then they will become more loyal to your brand. 

Your brand will be trustworthy in the eyes of your customers. Audiences will become more interested in your brand and will search for other aspects. Establishing authority is a great way to drive more attention to your brand’s website. 

Not all videos are meant to promote products or services, but to simply grab the audiences’ attention. Customers and prospects will be more likely attracted to high quality videos with content and fonts that stand out. Keep consistent when video marketing to remain credible.

Videos are a useful marketing tool to spread the word of your brand’s overall message. Use videos to show consumers and prospective customers who you are and build a strong brand identity.

video marketing


4. Video Marketing Educates Customers & Increases Sales.

This opens the door for brands to connect with customers in a new and distinctive way that will surely make them memorable. Brands can craft videos that are unique to them, but at the same time informative to their target audience. 

As mentioned above, quite a few online users said they search for various how-to videos or educational videos. Brands can use this information to create relatable videos, like how-to tutorials for a new product they are trying to promote. 

These types of videos are a great way for brands to boost sales. Brands can create videos with the intent of advertising their merchandise without making the videos seem like ads. 

Videos give the chance for brands to show their target audience that they care about their customers. Some videos are actually helpful in improving customer service, like…

  • Meet the team videos
  • Customer stories
  • Support video calls

All of the options above help brands connect with their customers and lead to a boost in sales. 


5. Video Marketing Builds A Community On Social Media.

When increasing audience engagement, video is one of the most popular types of content used on social media. It’s not only effective in promoting products or services, but the brand itself. Several marketers use videos as a tool to lure prospects and existing customers to the brand’s webpage. 

There are some social media platforms that are made specifically for video use, like YouTube and TikTok. However, platforms like Facebook and Instagram are starting to turn more of their attention to video marketing.

Several brands have begun to use video on social media platforms to market their products. Facebook has gone from a mix of friends and family to publishers and brands. According to Meta, using a Facebook In-Stream campaign for Feed or Stories can help produce positive brand outcomes.

Instagram Reels have grown into a favourable tool for brands. These short, yet entertaining, videos are a unique way to spread brand awareness. Actually, Instagram will soon be making a big change with Reels. Instagram is currently in the testing phase to make all of its videos Reels.

If your brand likes to keep up with the latest trends, then it might be time to take a look at videos on social media. This is a great way for your brand to remain relevant and reach out to the younger generation. 

video marketing


Online users consume a wide variety of video content every single day. Why not use the opportunity to market your brand? Use this digital marketing trend to spread the word about your brand and its resources to reach a wider audience.

Video marketing gives brand’s the chance to expand the amount of consumers by being able to reach out to the younger generations. Show your brand’s creative side and craft videos to connect with your target audience.

Want to set your brand up for long-term success? Try focusing on crafting unique video content that catches your target audience’s eyes. 

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