Website Design & Development

We create beautifully immersive websites for any brand that wants to provide their customers with a rich experience. Our other bespoke services include social media marketing, online advertising and content creation.

What is Website Design and Development?

Your website is the online face and voice of your business, and is often the first impression a potential customer will get of you, so make it last!


It is where people go to gather information about your business and see how well you can provide a product or service for them. Building a simple and effective navigation to suit your business goals and customer needs is essential.

What’s even better is that once your website is built correctly, it continues to do an impressive job without any further investment. It’s the gift that keeps on giving!

How does Escalate do Website Design and Development differently?

We ensure all our websites are SEO-driven, that is, they’re not just pretty pages on the internet.


They’re optimised to be found by your target customers and then relay your information in an easily digestible manner, with compelling content and clear copy. Our services include ongoing website management and SEO checks so you can worry about other important stuff!

We custom build all our websites so you don’t look like every other website, yours is entirely unique to you and your business objectives.

Benefits of Compelling Website Design & Development

Enhanced user and customer experience. A well built website keeps your users on the website for longer because they find the readily available information easy to access.

A well-constructed website leads to higher conversions. Potential customers will trust you if your website is responsive and looks professional, therefore leading to a higher spend factor or them signing up for your newsletter.

What with more searches now being carried out on mobile, a mobile-responsive website is a must. Optimising your website for mobile ensures it’s easier to find and contact you, and customers will be likely to visit your website again in the future.

In the long run, a structured website is easier to maintain. This saves you on costs, confusion for other web developers and frustration down the line.

The Website Design & Development tasks we perform for you

We offer website services no matter what stage of the business you’re at, what industry you’re in or whether your website was built in ‘99! We cater to everyone.

Our custom and interaction-driven websites follow these steps to ensure we produce the perfect website for your brand.

Step 1: Planning your website design

We sit down with you to further understand your overall business and objectives, what you want to achieve on the website and how you want your users to interact with you. We like to sit down with a few of your team members to get an overarching view and perspective of your business and brand. We then jet off to our offices and start drafting awesome website solutions.

Step 2: Designing your website

After we draft the outcomes and solutions for your website and business, we design a visual style that reflects your brand and voice. Our aim here is to ensure we reflect your brand’s personality and key ideals through your website. When you decide on the graphics, it’s time to start building the website. Let the fun begin!

Step 3: Building your custom website

Our team craft the content to display on the website as well as build the internal architecture to ensure smooth website running. We use the latest technologies and coding practices when developing your website, making it mobile-compatible and SEO-driven.

Step 4: Testing, testing, 1, 2…

When everything is up and running, we then test the website on different devices (laptops, mobiles and tablets) and browsers (Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox) to ensure smooth operations. We also bring in different people to test it so we haven’t forgotten any processes a user could follow, and that all aspects of the website run efficiently.

Step 5: Ongoing website support and maintenance

When your website is launched, its operations aren’t just forgotten about. They need to be assessed on an ongoing basis to ensure everything is updated, secured and still running smoothly. We put a plan in place to for ongoing support and so your business goals are always reached through your website.

Make the right first impression online with Escalate.

Now that you’ve an engaging website up and running, why not reach out to even more customers through social media marketing and online advertising?